Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Trends -- Buttons

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Hello everyone~ It's Maki. Welcome to my Wednesday Trends!! As you see the post title, my trend right now is using buttons. I hate to admit... but I love hoarding stuff. Besides the pretty designer papers, I have a hard time to let go my button collection :p However, I finally started using those wonderful embellishments on my cards/projects and you know what?? They are much prettier than being in my drawers, lol.

The next 3 ways are my favorite ways to do with buttons.

1. Use a button with ribbon.
I probably use this method most when I used buttons. I've seen people doing this way to embellish thier cards and they looked so cute and I started using buttons more and more. Ribbons are one of my favorite embellishments all time. I think the button in the middle of the bow the card above makes the card cuter and more prettier! Plus, I need only one button to start with ;)

2. Use buttons as a part of the image.
Most of my buttons are the circle shape and they are great to use for balloons, center of flowers, wheels, peas in a pod, cherries and most of any circle objects!! I used the buttons as the balloon images for this card. They can add more drama and fun to the card/project for sure!

I also love to use the buttons as a letter "O"! You can mix with other letters and make a word...for example "JOY", "BOY", "ONE", "LOVE","YOU","MOM", "SON"and so on...

3. Use buttons for borders and frames

If you have many buttons and don't know what to do....use as a border and frame!! I recommend to use heavy cardstock or layer cardstocks because buttons get sometimes too heavy and the flimsy cardstock won't hold the buttons well.

OK, that's my Trends! If you have more wonderful idea using buttons, let me know. I have tons to consume, lol.

stamps used for the card
[card 1] Chemistry
[card 2] Birdie Wishes
[card 3] Fairy Good Day

Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Love all these cards!! I never tried buttons but next time I am at the store, I think I will go and check some out . . .


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