Thursday, April 8, 2010

~Trendsetting Spotlight on Katie S~

It's time for the Trendsetting Spotlight! Each Thursday we feature a card made by someone who has participated in the previous week's TSG Challenge. Would you like to be in the Trendsetting Spotlight?? Join in the fun by participating in our weekly challenges posted every Monday!

Happy Thursday!!

I have to tell you, ever since Jessica gave me the
"job" of picking and posting the Thursday Trendsetting Spotlight, I have been having a blast. These girls are just too fun!!

This week, our spotl
ight is on Katie S.

Let me tell ya, Katie had me grinning from ear to ear when she responded to my
e-mail about being featured this week. We'll just say she was VERY excited!

Here is the card that caught my attention, made with Craftier Taglines.

Here is a closeup sh

In a brief e-mail interview with Katie, I found out that she is from Montana and has been stamping for over 10 years. Katie's favorite tool is her cuttlebug! Girl after my own heart :). She also has three little ones at home, so she is definitely a multi-tasker! Go Katie!!

You can find out more about Katie on her blog, Created by Katie.

Thanks for sharing with us, Katie!!



Thank you for visiting the TSG Blog, happy stamping!