Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Trends - Ruffled Ribbon

Hi everyone, Heather here. :) I'm popping in today to share a tutorial for one of the many ways to ruffle ribbon.  There really is no right or wrong way to ruffle, and by simply changing the way you rotate your wrist you can completely customize the ruffle design. 

Wavy Ruffle:

Step 1 - Apply layer of Scor-Tape to your card base. (Scor-Tape is my preferred adhesive as it has some "give" to it. If you make a mistake, or aren't completely happy with the ruffle you've put down, you can gently pull the ribbon back up and try again. Some adhesives are much less forgiving...)

Step 2 -Leave a little excess at the edge of the cardstock and press down to secure.  Hold your ribbon (with the top of your hand parallel to the card base) and press down the first ruffle into the adhesive.

Step 3 - Rotate your wrist so that the top of your hand is perpendicular to the card base and secure ruffle with adhesive.

Step 4 - Continue rotating left and right, securing the ribbon as you go along, until you've reached the end of the adhesive strip.  Trim excess.  (Tip: when rotating your wrist, your movement should resemble old-fashioned ribbon candy.)

And there you have it, a super quick and easy way to create a wavy ruffle. :) If you have any questions, just let me know... Have a great day!!


  1. Very cool ribbon technique and cute, cute card!!

  2. I love this look! Fun card. Thanks so much

  3. your ruffle looks awesome! thanks for the tutorial!


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