Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trendsetting Spotlight on Cassie!

Hey everyone! It's time for the Trendsetting Spotlight! Each Thursday we feature a card made by someone who has participated in the previous week's TSG Challenge. Would you like to be in the Trendsetting Spotlight?? Join in the fun by participating in our weekly challenges posted every Monday!

It is with great pleasure that we bring you this week's featured stamper, Cassie Trask!
I loved this gorgeous card that she created for Angela's challenge using the Aim For the Clouds stamp set: 
And here are a few more creations I spied on her blog...aptly named....
Such a great layout and sweet card for any friend. I just {heart} this one using images from Puppy Love:
 Here is a perfect use of patterns to compliment the gorgeous images from Bee Happy:
I asked Cassie a few questions and here are her've got to read them 'cuz they are FUNNY!
1. How long have you been stamping and how did you get introduced to the craft?

I've been seriously stamping for 8 years now after having my youngest.  I really just needed something that was all mine, and stamping was it!  My mother introduced me to stamping when I was 11.  Every Christmas from that point until we moved out we would make our own Christmas tags for the presents.  We didn't own a heat gun, so we would emboss things over our electric stove.  It was so much fun to do that with my mom and sister, and is now such a fun memory.  She should, and does, take all the credit for me starting up this wonderful hobby.

2. What is your "go to" embellishment?

I tend to think of myself as a bit more of a CAS gal, because I like quick cards.  I tend not to spend more than 30 minutes at most on a card, and 30 minutes is A LOT of time for me, so my go-to embellishment is the brad.  It's quick, it's easy, and still makes a card easy to send in the mail, haha!

3. Favorite new craft tool?

Don't laugh, but it's actually my Scotch Tape Gun.  It was a pricey investment at first, but sooo worth the money.  I go through less adhesive and it's actually ended up being cheaper in the long run.  I love that thing. . .even thought about giving him a name, lol.

4. Bio: family, work, fun?

I've been married to Jim, the love of my life, for 11 years, and he's in the Army.  We currently live in Columbus, GA, where I homeschool our two kids, Michael and Matti, who are 10 & 9.  I'm a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.  Baseball and softball seem to be our 'fun' things since the kids are heavily involved in those sports.  Of course, paper crafting is my 'Calgon' during the crazy times.  Thank you paper crafting. . .take me away. . .

Thank you Cassie for being a loyal follower and faithful challenge participant! Congrats on being in the Spotlight this week!


  1. Wahoo Cassie!!! So nice to see featured!! Your cards with TSG are so cute!!! Loving the Bee card. Hugs!

  2. Thank you, thank you for this fun honor! I have really been enjoying inking up my TSG stamps :D

  3. I love your designs Cassie!!! Way to go!

  4. Hooray Cassie!!! You are an amazing artist!!!


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