Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday Trends-Paper Piercing

Jessie here, and it is time for another Wednesday Trends post...and I must say, this one had me stumped. I don't have much spare time, so I don't do many, if any, techniques, and I BARELY have time to check out other people's stamping, anymore. I'm not even sure if I KNOW what is "trending" right now. So, instead of showing you some new, neat trick, I thought I would answer some questions that I have received about "paper piercing", which I do a TON of.
The main question that I ALWAYS get asked is....How you you pierce in an oval/circle? Well, here are some tips to help you along!!

This first photo, and I REALLY hope you can see it, was taken of my image after being colored, cut out using my Cuttlebug and Oval Nestabilities, and then layered. ALL of that is important!! First of all, I NEVER pierce through one layer...unless it is on the base of the card and THAT is a one layer base(which you will RARELY see me do, one layer card's scare me!!). For me, the holes seem to be cleaner, and more "open", if you pierce through all the layers. Think of it this way, if you pierce the holes, then glue the main image down, you are smashing the paper back up into the holes...totally defeats your purpose. So, ALWAYS pierce through the layers if there are any.
Next, I use a Cuttlebug and Nestabilities. I have used a Big Shot, and it leaves a similar line, so I KNOW this little tip will apply to those machines....but I have NO experience with any others. What line you say? Well, depending on your machine, when I run my image panel though the Bug to cut it out WITH my Nesties, it always leaves a faint embossed line. If you want, you can fully emboss your image first, but that is a personal choice. To pierce in an oval, and a circle as well, I carefully and SLOWLY, follow my embossed line. I say carefully and slowly for two want to be sure to have your paper piercer going straight up and down, not at an angle, and the slower you go, the more accurate your spacing will be. The beauty of NOT using a template(which I have yet to find in an oval) is that fact that you can chose your spacing...just try to be consistent. Now, the other choice you have to make is whether or not you want to go directly on the line, or on one side or the other of the line. Again, totally up to you. I usually go right on the line, it ensures accuracy.

It takes a little time, and a lot of patience, but you can do it!! My other, and final tip(man, I've been long winded) is to use dimensionals. If you pierce on either your main image panel, or even your base layers(minus the card base....I want my card to look clean and tidy on the inside UNLESS it is a one layer card, then I just glue a panel over it), use dimensionals to "lift" the layers/image up. This will give your card LOTS of yummy depth, and will keep your "holes" un-smashed and perfect!!
Well, that is it for me for now!! I will have a finished card with this image on my blog on be sure to tune in then!!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Jessie! I will have to try it! I tried paper-piercing in my sewing machine once (without using any thread), and I can do the squares just fine, but the ovals and circles I really mess up, so I think I'll just pull out my 'ole paper piercer! :)

  2. Thanks so much! I don't pierce circles because I'm too scared, lol, it is always crooked. This is something that I WILL try. Thanks!


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