Friday, August 19, 2011

Dollar Find Friday with Tobi

Hi there TSG fans, it’s Tobi here with your Dollar Find Friday blog feature..

Remember these?


About 3 years ago coffee bags were all the rage in the paper crafting world and you couldn’t look at a blog without seeing one of these puppies altered. Then, they went away and I haven’t seen one since. Isn’t that weird how that works? Anyway… I think they make wonderful gifts (if you fill them with something, haha) so I thought I’d do a really quick altered/dressed-up coffee bag.

First, I pulled out Freeze the Moment stamp set, stamped the image on white cardstock and mounted it on a couple of nestabilities dies:


Then, I stamped the sentiment on white cardstock and adhered it to a purple scalloped die cut and glued it to the bag:


(Really simple so far…) And then, I adhered the label to the bag:


Oh yah, I added some black pearls because it didn’t look fancy enough for me.. But how easy, AND CHEAP is this gift??!! Now, if I went and filled it with caviar, not so much, but I think I will fill it with some healthy cookies for a dear friend who’s having a birthday coming up.

So go hunting through your stash and re-visit those poor, un-used coffee bags and have fun with it!

Take care!



  1. What a wonderful gift bag you have created here. I"m sure your friend will love it as well as what you put inside :) Great idea!

  2. this is a gorgeous gift bag & such a great idea!!


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