Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TSG Birthday Puzzle Challenge: Day 2

Are you guys ready for day two of our puzzle challenge????

This is our last week celebrating There She Goes' 3rd Birthday and we have a fun challenge that will put your TSG Stamp set knowledge to the test!! I (Jessica) have created a huge 3D picture that uses a ton of TSG stamp sets. Each day this week (Monday - Friday) I will be sharing a piece of this project and your challenge is to name which stamp sets are used in that piece.

The prize this week is a $10 as well as a TSG Project Stamp 
that  can be used on the back of your cards!
*one prize will be given out for each day of the challenges

To participate in this challenge, you are to study the image below and try to determine which TSG stamp sets were used. When you have your answers ready, leave a comment on this blog post that includes your email address and list of stamp sets. For example-


This challenge will be open until 5:00 PM Sunday October 2nd. Comment moderation will be turned on this week to make the answers private until the winners are announced next Monday October 3rd.

Puzzle 2

 HINT: There are 8 different TSG stamp sets 
used in this piece of the puzzle


  1. Wow, these are hard (and I thought I knew TSG sets inside and out! Sniff sniff!)

    1. Dadisms
    2. Make a Wish
    3. Home Sweet Home (HSH)
    4. HSH - Holiday Additions
    5. HSH - Halloween Additions
    6. Bear Hugs
    7. Wrapped in Joy
    8. Domestic Goddess

    I still can only find 11 of the 12 for yesterday... LOL, I am so disappointed in myself!

    Thanks for the fun challenges Jessica!

  2. sunshinestgurl@gmail.com

    Home sweet home
    Make a wish
    hsh halloween additions
    hsh holiday additions
    wrapped in joy
    bear hugs
    a woman's place

  3. justdaja@yahoo.com.au

    1. HSH Holiday additions
    2. Make a wish
    3. Dadisms
    4. wrapped in joy
    5. Home sweet home
    6. Bear hugs
    7. Domestic Goddess
    8. A woman's place

    cheers Judith

  4. Did I do this one already?

    1. Dadisms
    2. Wrapped in Joy
    3. Bear Hugs
    4. Home Sweet Home
    5. HSH - Holiday additions (candles, presents, etc.)
    6. HSH - Halloween Additions - shelf in upper R corner
    7. Make a Wish - banner
    8. A Woman's Place - little bowl of chocolates

  5. lisabeestampin@yahoo.com

    1. dadisms (dad in chair)
    2. wrapped in joy (girl w/present)
    3. bear hugs (bear)
    4. home sweet home (fireplace, mantel)
    5. HSH Holiday additions (fire, wood, mantel objects)
    6. make a wish (banner with happy birthday, balloons)
    7. a woman's place (bowl on table)
    8. HSH Halloween Additions (shelf on wall)


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