Sunday, October 30, 2011

Release Week in Review (Oct.24 to 30)

What is Week In Review (WIR)?- WIR is where we showcase cards made by the Trendsetters and myself throughout the week. Not only to you get to see gorgeous projects made using TSG stamps, but you also have a chance to WIN one of these cards! Leave a comment on this post and next WIR I will choose a winner using a random number generator. That person will then get to pick out their favorite card and the Trendsetter that created it will send it to them :)

Winner from last week is: Georgie Horn

Timestamp: 2011-10-30 01:54:42 UTC

Jessie (Bon Appetit)

Jessie (No Peeking)

Jessie (Friendbots)

Karen (Friendbots)

Karen (No Peeking!)

Debby (Autumn)

Debby (Friendbots)

Debby (Bon Appetit)

Debby (No Peeking!)

Theresa (Autumn)

Theresa (Friendbots)

Theresa (Bon Appetit)

Torico (Friendbots)

Torico (Bon Appetit)

Torico (No Peeking!)

Angela (Friendbots)

Angela (No Peeking)

Lynn Put (Friendbots)

Lynn Put (Bon Appetit)

Sandra (Bon Appetit)
Sandra (Friendbots)
Sandra (Autumn)
Iwona (Friendbots)

Iwona (No Peeking)

Iwona (Bon Appetit)

Iwona (Bugs & Hisses)
Corinna (Autumn )
Corinna (Bon Appetit)
Corinna (No Peeking)
Corinna (Friendbots)

Melissa (Autumn)

Melissa (No Peeking!)

Jenny- Bon Appetit

Jenny- No Peeking

Jenny- Friendbots


  1. I won! Amazziinnngg! I would love the "Have a Good day" by Debbie.

  2. Wow, these are all gorgeous. I love the see how each of the team did the new stamp sets. That chef is so cute. Hmmm. need to go take a lookie at all the new sets. Thanks for piquing my curiosity on what is new.

  3. What a FABULOUS Week in Review! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. It is so great to get to see all the incredible talent in one place! My Christmas wish list is getting longer!

  5. OMG! These cards are absolutely AMAZING! So many great designs, and great inspiration.


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