Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week In review (November 14 to 20)

What is Week In Review (WIR)?- WIR is where we showcase cards made by the Trendsetters and myself throughout the week. Not only to you get to see gorgeous projects made using TSG stamps, but you also have a chance to WIN one of these cards! Leave a comment on this post and next WIR I will choose a winner using a random number generator. That person will then get to pick out their favorite card and the Trendsetter that created it will send it to them :)

Winner from last week is: Cathy
Timestamp: 2011-11-20 04:00:12 UTC

Sandra (Birdie Wishes)

Torico (Friendbots)

Torico (Penguin Pals)

Angela (Stick Together and Penguin Love)

Debby (friendbots)

Lynn (No Peeking!)

Melissa (BOL Holiday Additions & No Peeking)

Iwona (Penguin Love)

Iwona (Birdie Wishes)

Jessica (Birdie Wishes)
Jessica (Penguin Love)
Jessica (Stick Together)


  1. What cute images! I just love what the Trendsetters did with these cards. They are truly an inspiration. The little birdie is so darling.

  2. Beautiful line up ladies! I do adore these sets. TSG's sets are so timeless!

  3. These are amazing! They give me the inspiration to start my holiday cards! I love the little birdie set!

  4. Wonderful cards! All of your Winter/Christmas stamps are SUPER cute!

  5. Some really lovely Christmas cards this week! Such a talented team!

  6. wow all of these cards are amazing...great all the color and awesome creativity..

  7. oooo these are especially delicious, ladies!

  8. Super cute cards this week. Thank you for choosing my name last week, it was a challenge to pick a card. So many pretty ones.

  9. super cute cards this week.
    Many thanks for choosing my name last week.


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