Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May TSG (Again!) - A Drink a Day

It's There She Goes (Again) week - a week of posts dedicated to some of our favorite classic TSG sets - and this month we are highlighting these three sets (that are on sale, FYI!):
A Drink A Day Regular Price: $18.00 Special Price: $15.30
Aim For the Clouds Regular Price: $15.00 Special Price: $12.75
Life's A Beach Regular Price: $15.00 Special Price: $12.75

Today we're featuring A Drink A Day:

Wouldn't this be a great set to for one of your girlfriend's birthdays? There are so many hilarious sentiments in this set that would be perfect for retirement, birthdays, or a promotion! 

Let's take a look at some cards:

Kim Teasdale

Heather Pulvirenti

Jessica Knutsen

How's that for some eye-candy?? Amazing cards.... Join me again tomorrow for a look at Aim for the Clouds!! 


  1. Fabulous Cards!!! Super cute set :)

  2. The girl image is really cute. She will be the star of the cards, and goes well with the drinks. Very cute!

  3. There's so much to love about this set, lol! I love the humor in the sentiments and there's so much variety in the images offered. A great value at any price!


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