Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trendsetter Tuesday -Tobi!!

Hey TSG Fans!! It's time for this week's Trendsetter Tuesday post, and tonight we are focused on long time Trendsetter Tobi Crawford!! Tobi has been with TSG for a while, and we LOVE her to pieces!! She is smart, funny, and MEGA talented!! I really can't find ANYTHING that she isn't AMAZING at...plus, she is a procrastinator like me, so we are kindred like that, LOL!!

Her first card tonight was made using one of Torico's fabulous dog sets, Ruh-Roh. I ADORE her layout, and you can't even begin to understand how MUCH I admire her coloring skills....I have seen them up close and personal, and it's BEYOND words. SO talented.

This card makes me want to learn to bake cakes so I can decorate them JUST LIKE THIS!! It has a Rainbow Brite feel to it, and makes me all nostalgic for my youth!! Her layout, attention to color and detail, and LOOK AT THAT COLORING.....wowza! My favorite A Little Treat card to date, I must say!

I LOVE gnomes, and this card made with My Little Friend makes me GIDDY!! It's so CAS, but PERFECT...I don't even feel the need to poke holes in it or embellish it at all!! I admire when people can do CAS so easily, and she has ROCKED it!! 

I could LITERALLY go on for days showing off her FABULOUS work, but I will let you go take a look for yourself! Be sure to visit her blog and tell her how much you LOVE her, too!!


  1. Jessie, love your comment about "not feeling the need to poke holes in it..." Your signature piercing is always just right!

  2. Fabulous samples! Fantastic coloring!


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