Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trendsetter Tuesday-Kim O'Connell

I know it's no secret, but our Trendsetter of the week, Kim O'Connell is one TALENTED chica!! We absolutely adore her around these parts, and she has been a TRUE joy to work with...not to mention she keeps things VERY interesting, LOL!! With a wicked sense of humor, and never ending talent, Kim has really carved out her spot here at TSG, and we are SO thrilled to have her.

Since Kim has a HUGE love of Donkey's...here are MY favorite cards of hers using the Donkey sets!!

Seriously, have you ever seen so many donkey's in your life, LOL!!  Using both the Ba Donkey Donk, and Donkey University sets, Kim has made Donkey's a household pet. ;)

Well, that is it for Kim's time in the spotlight, be sure to check her out on her blog if you haven't been already, and have a great day!!


  1. Kim's cards are always a delight to behold...she is really talented.

  2. Such fun gorgeous work by Kim!

  3. Like Kim, I also have a HUGE love of donkeys - makes me smile to see this GORGEOUS and FUN collection of burros! :)


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