Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday Trends - Creative Spaces

Hi TSG fans!!  Wendy, here with you today.  
If you're a crafter and have ever even spent a moment on Pinterest, then you know it's chock full of craft rooms, scrapbook spaces, and creative corners.  I love that people share their creative spaces and know that I enjoying getting a peek at how other people have things set up and find lots of new ideas that way.  

Ever since I have been stamping, I have done so at my family's formal dining room table.  I took over the front coat closet and china cabinet to store all my things.  It wasn't fancy but it was functional and worked so I have no complaints.   After all, there are just so many rooms in the house and we didn't have much room to spare for a space for me to claim as all my own.  However, over the summer I decided that the open loft area in the upstairs portion of my home could actually function as a stamping studio for me.  Since it's open and viewable from everywhere upstairs, it would take a little creative thinking to make it work.  First, I'd have to keep it clean (yikes) and second I need to be sure that the look of the space kept with the rest of my homes decor.  

After months of hard work and lots of help from my hubby, my studio is finally complete and I'd like to share it with you.  

This has now become my most favorite part of the house.  The kids all sit in the little nook area and talk with me and I don't feel like I'm secluded away from the rest of the family.  Although that part does have it's draw backs if they are all driving me crazy and I want to get away from them.  LOL  :)
My incredibly sweet husband create that box that all of my Copic markers are stored in and I have an Ott light mounted under the shelf area and a folding one to the right to help me when I'm coloring.  The two Ribbon Carousels hold some of my very favorite by the yard ribbons on wooden spools.  The chalkboard to the left is where I make note of ideas and Design Team stuff I don't want to forget.  And the hutch itself holds all of my die's, Cuttlebug, paper pads, and tons of other misc. stuff.  My cardstock is all stored in the drawers of both desks in plastic hanging file boxes so that it doesn't get bent.  Cutters are stored in the pullout section of the desk made for storing your keyboard.

The little nook area has a giant chalk board wall that I created and then framed for the kids to draw on.  This is where everybody tends to hang out when I'm working...even the cat.  :)  All of my stamps are stored in CD cases and are inside this tall black cabinet that I purchased at Hobby Lobby.
Here you can get a fuller view of my space and how it is positioned in the house.  The wall to the right coming up the stairs is our "Family Command Center".  It takes up the entire 8 foot wall space that before had been so difficult for me to fill.  Each kid has their own board which has a chalk board, cork board, fabric pockets and white erase board.  They make note of their school and sporting events, projects that are due, etc.  In the center is the family calendar so we can all see what is going on for the month.  

That's it for me and I hope you enjoyed taking a little peek into my creative space.  I'll be back on Friday with my Anything Goes But A Card.  See you then!

Wendy  xoxo


  1. What a lovely space! You did a great job! It looks cool!

  2. Such a stunning space! You've really positioned it all perfectly :)

  3. Wow, Wendy. That is a fabulous space! I can see that it wouldn't automatically be thought of as a crafty corner, but it's perfect really. When we were building our house, there was a room the size of a bedroom, off the living room area. It was written in by some architect to be a formal dining room. I took one look at it and knew it would be my space for all things business, and craft. It's my favorite room in the house and I actually spend more time in it than I do in the living room. The best part is that I can always see and hear what my children are doing. Just last night, as I was busy typing at my computer working on paperwork, my son sat behind me at the other desk where I craft, and worked on his own art project. He's my oldest and 6 years old now. It's nice to have that bond with him, and my 4yo daughter loves to craft, too. :) Thanks for sharing your crafty space with us. Love that copics caddy!

  4. So happy for you and it is an amazing and beautiful space. You guys did a great job on it!

  5. Oh my word! This is just GORGEOUS! Love your window treatments, furnishings and magnificent family organiser and I love your "Creativity" and your creativity in creating it! I actually have a similar Craft Croft on our top floor and it looked as tidy as yours once upon a time. Sadly, because it is at the top of the house and out of the way from The Hubster's prying eyes, it currently looks as though a tornado blew through it! Hugs, Lesley

  6. Wow!! This is incredible! I am not one little bit jealous.... I am a whole lot jealous lol! I love it and I love the family command centre...great idea!
    Lizy x

  7. What an amazing space!!! Just beautiful!

  8. Wow this is amazing..I would love to create here. Love your family Command Center...great idea.

  9. I envy You. ... I really do. :) It looks so great!


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