Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday Trends - "Out of the Box" Technique Tutorial

Kim O'Connell here with a quick tutorial on one of my favorite techniques called the "out of the box" technique.   

First, stamp the image of your choice.  I am using an image from the
  "A Little Treat" stamp set.  Choose a die that is smaller than the image so that part of the image falls outside of the die.

Now, take that die and run it though your die cutting machine on a separate piece of card stock.  I am using black cardstock so it will be easy for you to see.  We are going to use the negative from the die cut.  Lay it over your image and lightly trace around the edge with a pencil.   

Now fussy cut the part of the image that is sticking out beyond the circle.  

Now put your die back over the image (cutting side facing down) by putting the part of the image that is extended beyond the circle through the die before laying it flat.  Make sure the part of the image that extends beyond the circle lays on TOP of you die so that you don't cut it off.  

Run it through your die cutting machine and now it will look like this:

Erase any pencil lines that may remain.  Color your image and assemble your card!  It's that easy!   Here's my finished card:

The out of the box technique is great for spotlighting a certain part of the image!  Give it a try!   


  1. I really need to try this - you make it sound so simple and look so simple. You card is wonderful - yummy cake and beautiful coloring on the chef.

  2. Love this. Thanks for sharing.
    Fab card.
    Hugs Sally xxx

  3. Such a beautiful card!! Thanks for the tutorial! Have a Sunny day, Colinda

  4. Great idea to use the black paper. It seems easier than just trying to mark some spots. Gorgeous card and thanks for the tutorial.

  5. Wow, thanks, this tutorial is so much easier than the ones I've tried. I've shy-ed away from this because I would always mess it up. I can DO this!!!!

  6. Great card and love how you die cut the image. THANK YOU so much for the great tutorial...the pics and description were great. I am going to try your way this weekend when I find some crafty time.

  7. Great card, Kim! And thanks for the tutorial.

  8. Thanks for the tutorial! Very clear and makes me want to try it. You time is very much appreciated!

  9. Thanks for sharing Kim. I tried it before but was frustrated. When I tried to emboss the borders of the dies, the image got cut off!!! Any hints please? Thanks!

  10. thanks for sharing this great technique - so many great ways to use this design.

  11. GREAT TUTORIAL. Thanks for sharing.


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