Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Distressing with Jenny

Hey there! Jenny, here with you today for a Wednesday Trend.  I have a fun trend/technique to share with you, that I happen to think is perfect for fall and Halloween projects! Distressing is honestly so much fun and easy to do, and fixes almost any imperfection (yes, I know, you're shocked that a seasoned stamper like me even makes mistakes ;) ). Smear an inky finger onto your image,  accidentally rip your patterned paper, or sew like you're legally blind? All can be fixed up with a little distressing!

I made what is possibly one of my FAVOURITE cards this year, or maybe even life, using this technique! OMG. This is the most handsome zombie on the block! 

Here are some details:
  • I coloured him up using my copics. Again, you are creating a distressed, or 'rough' looking project. No need to be perfect!
  • After copics, I went in with a black pastel pencil and 'dirtied' him up a wee bit more. And Oh My Heavens! Did you see the paper-pieced tie???? EEp!
  • I crumpled up the main image (trying to keep to the perimeter and away from the actual stamped image), flattened it back out, more or less, and then used my Distressed inks and a foam applicator tool to rub around the image. The folded marks will catch the ink and be more pronounced. I like that.
  • Now this next step is fun. I have a making memories distressing tool that I use to really rough up the edges, but you can also use your scissor blade and run it along the CS edge. And don't be afraid to get in there and actually rip spots. More is more. Ink up the torn edges so they don't look so stark white against the other sponged areas.
  • I did some machine stitching. Again, you don't want this to look perfect AT ALL. This is the perfect technique if you want to try machine sewing but are scared to death to have a runaway foot pedal. You cannot screw this up. Pedal to the metal, girls! The more crooked and out of control, the better the effect is. And leave your ends to just hang there! Snip your thread and call it a day.
  • See my DP there in the back? The one with all of the vintage ads? That was actually sitting in a little ball on my desk while I coloured the image. Uncrumple, smoosh down, ink, haphazardly sew down and you're done.
  • I also like to use twine when I'm distressing. Sometimes ribbon can look a little too polished for this wreckless style of card making. After all, my card looks like it was just pulled out of a house fire. Gorgeous satin or grosgrain ribbon would not fit the theme. I used a natural jute twine here, that is quite 'hairy'. Perfect.
  • OMGosh- one more detail I need to point out- THE BRAIN! I love it!!! This brain isn't so fresh. It's got some necrosis.....I also added a nice layer of crystal effects to shine it up and add to the creepy factor. Same with the bone sticking out of that waxy hand! I just love the macabre!
  • I felt like the card wasn't quite done, so I did add some of those new, trendy enamel dots, which I think cost an arm (pun intended) and a leg, so you want to be somewhat frugal. But they are nice, so I forked out and got a few packs.

Here is the link to the new set I used- No Tricks, Only Treats. This is a fabulous set, trust me, you need it. Go now and buy it, you won't be sorry! Thanks for sticking with me! And as always, Happy Hump Day!


  1. amazing Jenny...happy HUMPH day to you too!

  2. AHHHHHH....this card is AWESOME!!! I love love love it!

  3. WOW, WOW, WOW!! This card is a stand-out piece! When I received my email update, I was amazed at seeing this card. LOVE the distressed theme.

  4. Absolutely amazing coloring!!! Great card and tutorial, Jenny!

  5. This card is a piece of art! Can't imagin how long it took you to create this, but if someone sent me this card....I'd definitely frame it! It is creepilicious and funny!!! BRAVO!!!! I just ordered the stamp set! Wheeeeee.

  6. So stinking cool! Love your zombie card!!! This might just be the push I need to get messy and distress something. What better theme to do it with but zombies!!! I mean, really... if this were a zombie apocalypse, I think this is exactly how the card would look! ;-)


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