Friday, June 18, 2010

Dollar Find Friday- Sandra

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What is Dollar Find Friday? Every Friday the featured Trendsetter will share a project with you that was created using an item that costs $1 or less. Everyone loves a good we will show you some ideas on how to actually use those great finds!
Hi everyone!

I don't often collect and save coupons (mostly because I can never remember to bring them when I need to use them!), but I'm pretty sure I won't be forgetting this coupon organizer next time I take a trip to the store! :) (Edit: Sorry for the bad camera apparently has an issue with this MME paper!?)
What you'll need:
*$1 Coupon Organizer
*TSG's Domestic Goddess and A Woman's Place sets
*Designer Paper

*Edge Punch
*Decorative Scissors

Basically you're covering the front and back of the coupon organizer so you'll need to cut a piece big enough to cover the entire front, back and spine. Then, how you decorate the cover is the fun part!! You can do anything you want! I decided to create a bottom trim piece and edge it with a scalloped border in the reverse designer paper. I also strengthened the spine by adding another piece of decorative paper to that. And to distinguish between the front and back of the organizer, I increased the size of the bottom trim so that there was less base paper showing through.
Once all the base layers were adhered, I added the fun pieces! I stamped, colored and cut out Miss DM herself from the Domestic Goddess set and did the same for the kitchen pieces from the A Woman's Place set. Once they were adhere, I added one of the funny sentiments to the front cover to help me get through that weekly chore! ;) Lastly, I replaced the existing elastic cord that bungied around the whole case with a prettier piece of matching ribbon!
Again, I'm so sorry for the lousy photos. I think my camera knows its being replaced soon, so it's throwing a tantrum! Anyway, here's what the finished coupon holer looks like! Much better than the boring original, right?? And I bet you anything you'll get compliments for it next time you take it to the grocery store!
But wait! There's more! :)

Here's what the back of the organizer looks like! I couldn't resist adding a bit of sarcasim to this project. It just wouldn't be me if I didn't! ;)
Have a fabulous Friday everyone!


  1. That is super cute! I think I should make one of those for my mom because she just puts her coupons in a random used envelope! LOL!

  2. I love it and the idea is great!!!


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