Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Trends- Cork

I don't know if you have noticed, but I have been seeing cork EVERYWHERE!! I have seen it used as sand, as dirt, as wood, the sky is the limit!! I didn't do anything like that with mine today, but I do have two samples showing how I incorporated them into my cards.

My first card, I made using the new Dadisms set. I wanted to use it as part of my background to give it a wood feel....success?? I think so!! My sketch is from Mercy's blog from a few week's the way, did you SEE who this month's guest muse is??? You know her, you love her, and she may or may not be the brains behind this whole COMPANY!!! Oh YA BABY!! It's the boss lady!! Love ya Jess!!! Congrats!!

My second card was made using the By The Sea set.....and yep, you guessed it!! I wanted it to look like sand. Gotta love the yummy texture it adds to EVERYTHING!!
Well, that is it for me now!! May the cork be with you!! (PS-blog posts should not be written after 9hr workdays, hopped up on caffeine and emotional adrenaline, LMBO)

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