Friday, August 20, 2010

~ Dollar Find Friday & Friday Night Chat ~

Hello and welcome to Dollar Find Friday!

Before I begin, I want to remind you that we will have our regular Friday Night chat right HERE on the TSG forum. The chat begins at 7pm pst (10 pm est), but feel free to stop in any time during the day to say hello!

My project today is a fun little message board. I found these 6 x 6" square corkboards at the dollar store (4 for a buck!). So we're going to dress it up!

Here's what I used:
1 - 6 x 6 piece or corkboard
1- 7" x 8" piece of black cardstock
1- 7" x 8" piece of white cardstock
1- 7" x 8" piece of chipboard (I used the backing to a dp pack) - cut in half to measure 3 1/2" x 8" each
Largest label 8 nestability
flatheat tacks
dimensional tape
sticky tape
~ supplies to decorate

First I scored the white and black cardstock on the 7" side at 3 1/2" (so it would fit through the cuttlebug). Find the center of the fold and position the nestie half way onto the cardstock. This will create the complete cutout when opened up. Do the same with each side of the chipboard.

Set those aside and decorate your cardstock as desired.

Line up the two pieces of chipboard and use sticky tape to hold them together. Adhere the white cardstock on top of the chipboard frame. Cut the black frame in half and adhere to the bottom of the frame. Use ribbon to cover the area where the two colors meet and to reinforce the frame.

For the pin heads, I stamped the small flower from the Polka Dot Blossoms set and adhered them to the flat head tacks. I also adhered a tack to one of the little lady bugs.

And here is my completed project!

I have also added strips of magnet to the back so I can attach it to my refrigerator!

Now I have three more little corkboards to decorate! What do you think?!



  1. This corkboard is adorable Holly!! Who wouldn't want to leave messages on this?!! I wish our Dollar Store carried cool stuff like this.

  2. Cute cork board.. I love those ladybugs :)Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. I want one! LOVE this, it's really cute.


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