Thursday, August 19, 2010

~Trendsetting Spotlight on.... Jessica K!!!~

It's time for the Trendsetting Spotlight! Each Thursday we feature a card made by someone who has participated in the previous week's TSG Challenge. Would you like to be in the Trendsetting Spotlight?? Join in the fun by participating in our weekly challenges posted every Monday!

Ok, you might think I'm cheating by putting the Trendsetting Spotlight on our fearless leader, Jessica Knutsen, but I thought it was high time she heard what we think of her :).

To begin with, she is a fabulous stamper. Look at these two beauties. This first card she made with the Domestic Goddess and Loads of Fun sets.

And this one, one of my personal favorites, was made with the A Woman's Place set. Just look at that detail!

Ok, now let me gush a bit. I've been with Jessica since she started this fabulous company. She is one smart cookie. The sets she releases are smart. This set works with that and so on. So when you get a TSG set, you're really getting part of a bigger picture.

She's tireless. She's a wife (Hey Matt!), a mom (to three little spitfire girls!) and a very savvy business woman. She's a lot of fun to work with and for. Many of her design team members refuse to leave! :)

Her creativity knows no bounds. Have you ever seen the tip sheets she does?! Amazing!

I feel comfortable in speaking for the team, when I say you're the best, Jessica!! You can see more of her gorgeous work on her blog, There She Goes.

Jessica, thanks so much for all you do. Thanks for being the kind of leader that we all aspire to be.



  1. Oh goodness these are amazing! Love, love, love these cards, they are jaw dropping!

  2. Aww... thanks Holly! You make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside :)

  3. (Standing sand clapping, giving Jessica a standing ovation). She's an interior decorator too - have you seen how see designed her daughter's ROOMS? FAB! FAB!! FAB!!! Like you would see in magazines! That kitchen card with the interactive elements is one of my faves too.


  4. I definitely support everything that you have to say Holly, Jessica is the BOMB!! I LOVE her!!

  5. Great choice Holly!! Aren`t Jessica`s cards fabulous! Such a sweet lady too :D


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