Friday, October 22, 2010

Dollar Find Friday

Happy Friday everyone, I hope that you have all been enjoying your week! Join us tonight right here in the TSG forum for the Friday Night Chat. Everyone is welcome and we love meeting new people!

TGIF, my sweet TSG friends!

Sandra here and I have a fun AND CHEAP Halloween project to share with you all! It's a mini treat bucket made from $1 paper cups!

Supplies:Paper cups
Thin craft wire
Patterned paper
Decorative scissors or edge punch
Tacky Tape
Adhesive Glue Dots
Hole punch or an eyelet punch
Halloween Stamps
Mandatory - TREATS!


Step 1:
Make a sleeve template.
The easiest way to do this is to gently tear apart one of the paper cups and trace around it. The cups I bought (at Michaels) came in a stack of 5, so I could afford to sacrifice one of them. :) Remember to add a 1/4" extra along the straight edge so you can glue the two ends together later (the sleeve needs to be a little bit bigger then the cup). .

Step 2:
Create sleeves for your cups/buckets.
Once you have your template, lay it flat on the designer paper, trace around it with a pencil then cut it out. I extended my sleeve about 1" higher than the template to allow for the edge to be punched with a trim punch. Apply some tacky tape to one end of the sleeve and adhere the two ends together. Slide your paper cup in and you're half way to being done!

Step 3:
Create handles.
You can do this many different ways, but I thought I'd made some sturdy ones with some jewelry wire in black. First cut a piece 12" in length, then find the center of it. Then measure and mark 3" either side of the center. Now with a pencil in one hand, wrap the wire around the pencil ONLY between those two marks. Once you're done, bend down the two straight ends so that it creates a horseshoe shape. This will be the shape of your handle. If you are lucky enough to have an eyelet punch (I am lacking one!), then make two holes on either side of the cup/bucket, slip the ends of the wire handle though the holes and bend them so they stay put. It's starting to come together now!

Step 4:
This is the fun bit! Stamp, create and add anything you like to the outside of your mini bucket! I colored the witch image from the bootiful Hauntingly Delightful set, created some medallions (from my tutorial earlier this week), added some black glitter and voila - a mini treat bucket for the little (or big!) kiddies in your family!

I may just make a few (ok, it's more like 18 of these!) for my daughter's Kindergarten Halloween party! :)
Have a FABULOUS weekend!!


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