Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday trends - Lace Flowers by Angela

Hi there everyone!!! It's me Angela with a fun way of adding dimension to your cards.  We've all seen the fantastic scalloped flowers out in blog land and I'm sure we all spend money on flowers to add to our cards.  Well... if you know me, I love flowers and I happen to have a lot of lace on hand.  I recently started making jewelry again and made a necklace using the flower tutorial I found at Tatertots and Jello and I made this necklace with it. I realized how fabulous they'd be in cards as well and so inexpensive.  I have a ton of lace (I swear I won't run out for years.... I recently went to a yard sale and it was ridiculously cheap) and this is a cheap economical way to create some fun for your cards.

Supplies needed:  Lace, Fabritac (or you can use a hot glue gun), felt and a stamp set to complete the card (I used the set "Blossom by Blossom"

You can make your circle any size (I ended up making mine bigger than I would have liked)

I added a button to the center using a pop dot once I decided on my DP.

And here's my completed flower on a card.  The flowers are quick and easy to make and pack a punch.  After having made a few, I've learned a few lessons: the larger the felt circle the larger the flower and if you are using thicker or wider lace your flower will be quite dimensional.  But I still love the look and for the price,  they're the best embellishments - perfect for any shabby chic card. 

Have a great day!!!


  1. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing Angela!

  2. oh thank you so much for sharing that.. i have stacks of lace too so i will definitely give this a try!!

  3. Great tutorial that I can actually do!! Thank you. Your card is so sweet!!

  4. Awesome - I love making flowers! Can't wait to try this and use it on a card.

  5. Thanks for the cool tutorial Angela! Lovely flower & card.


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