Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Trends ~ Revolving Door Technique

Our girl, Theresa has a really fun technique to share with you today. It's called Revolving Door.

Let's get right to it!

Supplies needed:
heavy cardstock;
single brad.

Step 1: Fold or score the 4½” circle in half.

Step 2: Then you’ll need to get the ½ circle into 3 even sections. Now if you want to pull out your math skills – go for it! I simply folded the paper to make a cone

I eyeballed the paper to ensure that I had 3 even sections. This will become the template.

Step 3: Make three more circles. Only this time use the folded card to mark lines on the circles

Step 4: Take one of the circles and cut the 6 wedges and set them aside. These you’ll use for stamping.

Step 5: You will cut two of your circles as shown (they look like bow ties). Just make sure not to cut out the entire wedge

Step 6: Now you can decorate. Cut out at 4½” circle of patterned paper and place it on top of one of the bow ties to reinforce the paper. Then put dimensionals on the back side and then adhere to the other bow tie.

Step 7: Stamp your images on your cut wedges (watch your orientation.) I used the final circle to place my wedges down

Step 8: Place your revolving door on top of your stamped circle. Pierce a small hole and place your brad through the hole. Now it will rotate with ease.

Step 9: Place your revolving door circle on top of your card, decorate with bling, and enjoy!!

The original idea for this card came from a book called Magic by Jeanette Lynton (owner of Close to My Heart).

Isn't this fab?!


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  2. Totally adorable! Great pictures and tutorial! I will have to try this~!

  3. AWESOME tutorial Theresa - WOW! Thanks for sharing it!!

  4. Wowza!!!! That is sooo cool! I have got to try it! And that really is one of my all time fave stamp sets!!!

  5. Oh my word! Super cute card and fantastic technique. Definitely going in my notebook. ;)


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