Thursday, July 14, 2011

~Trendsetting Spotlight on Meredith K ~

Hi Friends!

Holly here... I'm shaking up the Trendsetter Spotlight just a bit today. Corinna usually does this post, but she got an offer she couldn't refuse *wink* and asked me to step in.

Normally I would contact our target stamper and ask a bunch of questions. Today, I'm going to tell you what I know about our spotlight stamper, Meredith K (aka CraftyMathChick!)

Instead of a head shot of Meredith, I'm using her favorite "avatar". I think if I ever met Meredith and she wasn't wearing a pink sweat suit, I'd faint! haha!

Meredith has a heart the size of Texas. She loves her animals and has a great passion for making sure those who are abused get the right homes.

Here is a card Meredith made with the Wonderful Winter Wishes set:

Meredith is currently packing up to move... or by now, she may already be moved. Having done that over 29 times in my life, I can relate to the chaos she's living. Yet, she still manages to produce some of the most adorable cards....

Here's one she made with Freeze the Moment:

A silly fact about Meredith..... she's loves to write silly song lyrics for the Friday Night Chats and the Release Party Chats. She's good, too!!

Here's a delightful card she made with the Rain & Sunshine mini set:

Thanks, Meredith, for being such a wonderful TSG Cheerleader. Our chats would not be the same without you!



  1. AWWWWW! Thank you so much for the honor and for your kind words Holly, you sweetheart you! I love you and all of my TSG Peeps - you are all the bestest!!
    (PS - actually, I own just about every OTHER color of sweats BESIDES pink... that was the only color option that was available, LOL!)

  2. Yay!!!! Meredith is sooooo very sweet and she's the one who introduced me to TSG!!!! She has a fabulous card design style and you're right about her big heart!!! I'm soooo delighted to see her featured and so tickled to death for her!!!!! Well deserved my friend!!!!!


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