Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Trends...masking

Hi Everyone! Ann here with the Wednesday Trend. Today I thought it might be fun to go over the technique of masking. Masking is used to make an object appear infront of or behind an object or make an object holding something like I did today.

The tools you will need are an image to mask, ink, sharp cutting scissors and a sticky note pad.
The first thing you will want to do is stamp the image the will be in front or in the foreground.
Then stamp the same image again onto a sticky note. I did not stamp the whole image today because I am just focusing on her hand.
Next, with your sharp scissors cut out your image from the sticky note. Make sure your cutting is exact and then lay it over your image to be colored. Make sure all lines line up properly.
Now go ahead and stamp the second image or the one that will be in the background of the picture. Stamp it right over the sticky
Now pull your sticky note up and viola...she is holding an ice cream cone.
And here is my card that I created to share with you using the image. Glad you stopped by today and I hope this was helpful.

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