Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Trends-Layering

Hey Everyone, Jessie here!!

This week for our Wednesday Trends post, I am going to answer a question I get A do I layer things so perfectly? My answer, lots of measuring!!


I start out by measuring my image, from the new EGG-stra Special set, to be layered's height and width. As you can see, she is 1 3/4in wide.

and she is 3 1/4 inches tall.

For my first layer, I always go a 1/4 inch out, to leave an extra border. So, I would cut my paper at 3 1/2in....

and 2in.

For my next layer or two, whatever you desire, I go up 1/8th of an inch, so I would go up to 2 1/8th in....

and 3 5/8in.

My last layer is an 1/8 up from that, so 2 1/4...

and 3 1/2in.

The next step, before gluing anything down, is to layer them on top of each other, and make sure they line up perfectly...if they do, go ahead and stick them together with whatever adhesive you use.

The rules for my card bases apply the same way. If you are making an A2 sized card, which is 5 1/2x4 1/4...I cut my base, then my first layer down would be at 5 1/4 and 4.

I then follow suit with my next layer, and go down 1/8th, until I have cut all the layers I want to use. As before, make sure you lay it out and see if the layers match up right.

Well, that is it for me for now! I hope this helped you out, even a little.

Thanks for stopping by, and to see my full card, visit my blog!!


  1. Love, love, love your work! You provide wonderful inspiration for me and I greatly thank you for it.
    Have you ever tried Perfect Layers? It is a very cool product for those of us who want quicker results to perfection. If you haven't seen or tried, might be worth investigating! Thanks again!

  2. Awesome explanation- I have normally used 1/4 inch borders on things but I will have to try 1/8 inch layers.

  3. i would like to know how you make your holes so perfect

  4. Thank you!!! I so needed this information. I know that there is a ruler that is out that is suppose to help you do this, but I can save that money (and buy stamps)now. :-)

  5. I'm super glad you did this tutorial. You do such awesome work; now we can learn from you. Thanks for taking time to respond to your fan base. More tutorials please:)

  6. I popped by to see the new DT and had to notice this post too. You should check out Perfect Rulers, you would love them! (I am a Brand Ambassador,) pop by my blog for a link to an awesome video and a discount code.

  7. Great tutorial. Thanks for instruction.


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