Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Trends- Tissue Flowers

Hi there! Jenny here today, with another TSG Wednesday Trend! One of the trends in scarpbooking and cardmaking that I have seen in magazines and blogland is handmade flower embellishments. I have been experimenting with making my own paper and fabric flowers and let me tell you- it's pretty fun! And a huge money saver!!! Plus, you can coordinate your embellie exactly to your project DP, CS or other accents.
Today I am going to focus on Tissue Paper Flowers. These are super easy, and better yet, as cheap as cheap gets! You can either buy packs of tissue from the dollar store, or use gift bag filler that you've saved- yeah, people...that means it was free! You know when the tissue  is ripped all up from your 4 yr old tearing into the present like a mad dog, or it's been 'regifted' a few too many times and it has more wrinkles that great-great granny...don't throw that away!! Save it for crafting:)

I used the flower from World's Best Die to cut out my tissue. It has a nice scalloped edge and you can stack layers of tissue and only have to make a few passes with your die cutting machine. I stacked about 4 layers of tissue together, cut a little wider than the width of the die and long enough to be able to move the die 3 times on the each of my flowers has about 12 layers of tissue when the cuts are all stacked on eachother. It's a nice, 'fluffy' amount, but use as much or as little as you like!

I used my paper-piercer to poke a whole in the centre of the stack, added a large fabric brad, one layer at a time, fluffed the tissue up around the brad. After I had scored, stamped and added twine to the white panel, I added the tissue flowers. These are really simple to make and I think they pack a bit of a punch! And you really could mass produce these little notecards! These took me no time at all, and I really had no plan or idea what I was doing when I started;)
Here they are, laying flat so you can see the dimension of the flowers really well. The nice thing about these it that they are so lightweight...often, when you add a larger embellie, this extreme in dimension, you are also adding alot of weight to the cardfront and you run into the trouble of the card falling on it's front! These flowers are feather-light:)

I stamped some beautiful sentiments between my score lines (1/2 and 1 1/2 " from the bottom) from the sets Follow Your Bliss and Blossom by Blossom. The stem and leaves are from World's Best Die's coordinating stamp set World's Best.
I hope that you have enjoyed todays trend, as well as my tips on how you can make your own tissue paper flowers using TSG's World's Best Die!

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  1. Those cards are gorgeous and I love the tissue paper flowers. I haven't made any in a long time, I had actually forgotten about them. Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration.


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