Tuesday, April 17, 2012

There She Goes (Again!) LOL Taglines

It's There She Goes (Again) week and this month we are highlighting three humorous sets:
Dadisms (on sale for $20.40!!)
LOL Taglines (on sale for $20.40!!)
Under the Weather (on sale for $15.30!!)

Tonight we're featuring LOL Taglines: 

Hillarious, right?? I can think of so many people who could benefit from card made with this set. Here are some stand-out cards made with this set: 

Maki Jones

Joanne Grzelak

Angela Thomas

PS... Did you know there's a gallery for every single TSG set? It's a great resource if you want some specific  inspiration with a stamp set. Pretty much all Trendsetter cards made with our sets are loaded up... So take a look!! 


  1. wow what a fun set...love these amazing cards..

  2. This is such a great set! The makes are gorgeous!


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