Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stampbook Saturday with Wendy

Hi Everyone, it's Wendy and I'm back with my final post of the week to share my Stampbook Saturday project with you.

I'll admit that this assignment has had me stressed out.  Although I began paper crafting as a scrapbooker, I haven't actually created a scrapbook page in YEARS!!  I've come to grips with the guilt that my children will likely leave home sans beautiful scrapbook albums of their childhood.  ;)  LOL  And instead I've gone with documenting my families life in a way that fits my style and who I am as a person right now....Smashbook!     

I have always been a serious memorabilia hoarder (movie tickets, love notes, etc.) and have drawers full of little things thinking that one day that I'll scrap that.   The reason I love Smashbook is that it gives me the ability to save it all without the pressure I felt to scrapbook.  No layouts to design or pattern papers to match's simple and perfect for how I chose to preserve my families memories and mementos. 
My first page is from a charity event my husband and I went to a few months back where they had an artist doing caricature drawings.  Here I used a few sentiments, a push pin image and date stamp all from the Oh Snap set.  
Next, I've documented a family trip to the Atlanta Zoo over this past Spring Break using stamps from Zoo-pendous and It's a Jungle Out There.  Rather than color the images I've stamped them directly onto my pages in Vintage Photo distressing ink.  I've included the brochure from the zoo, our ticket, pressed pennies and a few photos.
I do have an actual Smashbook brand book but I prefer the one that I created instead. (Shown above)  I used some K& Company papers and chipboard stickers to create the front cover and inside pages.  And since I cannot write in a straight line to save my life, I also printed a faint grid pattern on all of the kraft paper filler pages for those times I want to include some journaling.  I even thought to include a few envelopes here and there throughout for some of those mementos that I'd rather tuck away.  

I've had a blast sharing my projects with you this week.
Thank you so much for joining me!


  1. The smashbook is the new scrapbook. I love how you did it all. I keep everything like you do. I still have yet to put it together for this last year. But I do have the prior ones in scrapbooks. Amazingly enough, when my husband and I got ingaged, (is that right? Lol) I made many scrapbooks. I even made a baby book of my own for my little min pin dog. The ones in the stores are for humans and I could never get all that I wanted in there anyways.
    Keep on going. You are doing great!!!

  2. A smashbook seems like a wonderful idea! I, like you, used to scrapbook, but I decided it was just too much pressure for me. I love the idea of a smashbook, and yours is fabulous :D


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