Wednesday, March 3, 2010

TSG Tips & Tricks- Jessica

Hello everyone and happy hump day! I can't believe that it is the middle of the week already, time is flying right by!! Every Wednesday one of the Trendsetters shares with you a stamping trend that they like. Starting this week some of them will also be showing you some TSG Tips & Tricks to give you more ideas on how to use your TSG stamps! I am starting with our first TSG Tips & Tricks post :)

When I am in the process of designing stamp sets, my head (and notebook!) are full of ideas on how to use certain images, cool techniques to try, etc. But when I finally have the stamp set in my hand my creative energy is zapped and I can't find the mojo to stamp with them lol! So while I was thinking about what I wanted to share with you guys today, I started randomly stamping images onto some scratch paper. Then it came to me- when was the last time that I just stamped for fun and not because of a deadline? So I cut up some white cardstock into 4.25x5.5 pieces and started creating scenes by combining stamp sets. That is one of the great things about TSG stamps, many of them go so well together! Once I started stamping I couldn't stop! Talk about holy mojo!!

Keep in mind, I was 'stamping for fun' so there are going to be lots of crooked lines (I even used white out in some places lol!) and usually that would cause me to scrap a project and start over but instead I just went with it. After all, my girls can color them when I'm done and I have even more ideas for card making then I did before :) In some of these there was a lot of masking involved and I used a Copic multiliner to draw in the scenes around the stamped images.
Home Sweet Home :)
6 stamp sets used!
*Tastes Like Chicken*Loads Of Love*Home Sweet Home* Craftier Taglines*
*HSH Halloween Additions* HSH Holiday Additions*

Bath Time
2 stamp sets used
*Rejuvenate*Tastes Like Chicken*

Gone Fishin'
6 stamp sets used!
*Aim For The Clouds*Rain & Sunshine*LOL Taglines*
*Life's A Beach*Best Fishes*Bear Hugs*

Side view so you can see the dimension-

Hill Top Bunny
6 Stamp Sets Used!
*Hunny Bunnies*ROFL Taglines* Rain & Sunshine*
*Beautiful Spring*Slow & Steady* LOL Taglines*

Spring Chicken (quick color job)
6 stamp sets used!*Aim For The Clouds*Beautiful Spring*Bear Hugs*
*Special Delivery*Loads Of Fun* Hunny Bunnies*

Yum....Carrots! (quick color job)
1 stamp set used
*Hunny Bunnies*

I hope you all enjoyed my rough draft stamping and are
inspired to go get inky and combine those stamp sets in new ways!!


  1. I think these scene look great Jessica! Most impressive Young Skywalker!


  2. The scenes are amazing!I especially love the little bunny staring off into the sunset.

  3. Awesome scenes Jessica! I may need to expand my collection.

  4. I love combining my stamp sets like you did on the cards. They are all great ideas!!!

  5. wow Jessica these are amazing! I am in love with all of these fabulous ideas. And your quick coloring job is beautiful too.

  6. Oh Jessica, you're so creative!! Thank you for sharing your fantastic ideas!!
    For the first scene, are you sure you didn't get inspired from my living room?? LOL.

  7. Great job combining sets, that 1st one looks alot like my place, LOL. They are all amazing.

  8. Awesome job, so inspiring and enabling. LOL

  9. Jess! You are soooo incredibly creative! I love all of your little scenes, esp. Gone Fishin'.
    I try to put scenes together too. But I am not great at the stamping them out. I use digis and put diff. images together to create my scenes. I will have to try a play day like yours and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. These are way too cool! I love the Home, sweet home! :)


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