Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Trends - Colouring with Prisma Pencils

Hey everyone it's Donna here for this week's Wednesday Trends. Today I am going to show you how I colour with Prisma Pencils. Now, please remember I am NOT an expert and I have not taken any classes on learning how to use this particular medium. All I am going to do is show some tips on shading that I have taught myself.
Prisma colour pencils come in many beautiful colours and are particularly well suited for layering, blending and shading. You can use these pencils on a wide range of surfaces including vellum and wood!

My first tip for you today is that I have found that the best ink to use with Prisma's is Versafine Onyx Black. This just happens to also be my favourite ink so I might be a bit bias here... But because this is a fast drying oil-based pigment ink it brings out the finest details for any image.

I am going to show you today how I blended and shaded the poppies on my TSG#48 card. The colours I used are PC1032 Pumpkin Orange, PC924 Crimson Red, PC925 Crismon lake, PC1005 Limespeel, PC1090 Kelp Green, PC908 Dark Green and PC935 Black. I find it is also handy to have a really good quality sharpner near by... Mine is a Prisma sharpner so it is perfect for these types of pencils because of the soft, creamy consistency of the lead.

Step One:
When I am colouring in any image I always start with lightest colour first so in this case I started with "Pumpkin Orange".
This is colour is infact a real orange but through trial and error I have found it really works best when using my reds.

Step Two:
Next I used the "Crimson Red". Now this is where the fun begins you get to pick out where you would like to put your shading (mostly where the shadows go). When I am colouring somthing like a flower I usually colour the middle bits darker and go lighter towards the edges.
Step Three:
Next I am shading with "Crimson Lake". This time I am going over the "Crimson Red" and just making the flower look darker in the middle.
Step Four:
Then after I am happy with the genral look of the colours together I blend then all in until I am happy with how it looks.

Step Five:
Next I use my black to highligh and shade the flower. And then I use my 3 green's to colour in the stems.

And this is the flower finished...

And this is them on my card...

I hoped you liked seeing a little of what I do with my Prisma's. 
And hope that I have encouraged you to try them out.



  1. thank you so much for the tutorial! i haven't used my prismas in a long time and i can't wait to try them on this set! hugs!

  2. Thanks for the FAB cloring tutorial! You know, I have SO many black inks already, but I keep hearing from so many different folks that another black ink is the best for another new technique... guess I will be searching for versafine black in the near future, LOL!


  3. Great tutorial D!! Your coloring is always so rich and fabulous! I love it!!

  4. Awesome tutorial Donna! When you blend your colors, do you just use the lightest color again? I love my prismas but have been doing a lot of watercoloring lately, I think that I'll break out the pencils again :)

  5. Fantastic tutorial Donna, your colouring is so lively and beautiful and your favourite ink is my favourite too :)

  6. wow..nice piece of art..nice blog and a colorful it,,

    bestessays is what I am hoping for..



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