Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stampbook Saturday & Stuff ~

ETA: The first and third Stampbook Page was actually created by Pam Varnell using inpiration from projects made by Sandra MacLean and Jodi Collins

What is a Stampbook Page? A Stampbook Page is a scrapbook page created using stamps and inspired by a card. Each week we create a new Stampbook Page to give you ideas on how to use your stamps in a new way and hopefully inspire you to catch up on those family photos that you've been meaning to scrapbook ;)

Since we are celebrating both the 2nd birthday of There She Goes and the installation of new trendsetters, I thought this would be a great opportunity to do a review of some of my favorite Stampbook Saturday posts.

First up is this gorgeous card made by Sandra M. Her coloring on this just makes me drool.

Then Pam turned around and made this amazing Remember page of her parents. What an awesome tribute, Pam!

Jessica used this amazing creation by Heather P as inspiration for her page following...

And the picture of two of Jessica's girls is precious beyond words. The butterflies look like they are flying right off the page!

Another great Stampbook Page made by Pam that was inspired by a corner bookmark made by Jodi using the Puppy Love set.
Jodi's bookmark-

And what a perfect set to celebrate a man and his dog! Ok, now...let's have a collective "AWWWW"!
Pam page-

As Jessica mentioned in her Friday post, it's time to play some party games!! Our first game for the Birthday Bash is a Blog Scavenger Hunt.

Here's how it's going to work. Read the two paragraphs below. In the paragraphs, I mention 10 images from 10 different There She Goes sets. Over the next week (9/4-9/8), a Trendsetter will post an image (could be a card, project or just the image) on their blog. When you find it, you'll want to copy the URL (for that post) onto your game card which I have linked on the TSG website HERE. When you've found all 10 items and filled out your card, e-mail the game card to me at The first person to complete the game card with the correct URLs will win a $15 gift certificate for the There She Goes store! Ok, here comes the list:


I was in the kitchen (A Woman’s Place) the other day when I saw through the window (Art is a Window) a pair of angel wings (Angel Mail) fly by. I was certain they were real as I had not had a drink (Drink A Day) in quite some time! In the yard, the puppies (Puppy Love) were playing as sweet little Bees (Bee Happy) swirled around their heads.

From the other room, I heard Dad (Dadisms) exclaim “You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream!”(Dream a New Dream) He then suggested we take a trip to the coast (by the sea) . He was right. I thought, "From a withered tree, a flower blooms (the Journey).


Happy Hunting!! Remember, we will be having a new game each week of this month, so make sure you join us for the Friday Night Chats or check the Saturday blog post!

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