Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trendsetter Tuesday - Kim

When I found out that Kim was going to join the Senior Trendsetters, it rocked my world. Kim's ability to make color sing, just makes me (and I'm sure most of you!) drool! The way she puts patterns together in interesting ways, makes her an amazing artist.

Kim's Blog: Paper in the Works

Here are a couple of my recent favorites from Kim. This first one is just a jaw dropper. See what I mean about her mad coloring skills?!

This is one Kim made for our release hop. I just squealed when I saw this adorable concept card. How many teachers out there would be thrilled to receive this, not to mention a bunch of little kids!

Kim, we are so excited to have you with us on a more permanent basis! Hugs!!


  1. Breath taking work Kim!

  2. Kim does indeed have MAD (& FAB!) coloring skills, no question about it. She even inspired me to purchase some Tombow markers! Now if I only had the time to use them....



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