Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Trends - Bow Tying

ETA: There have been a couple of updates on prior blog posts that I wanted to let you guys know about!
1. The first and third Stampbook Pages that are featured on this week's Stampbook Page review were created by Pam Varnell not Sandra and Jodi although projects made by those two ladies were the inspiration for the pages!
2. I have updated this week's color challenge post with the winner from last week's TSG70 1,2,3 challenge!


Hello TSG friends! It's Julie here with today's Wednesday Trends post. I'm constantly being asked about my bow tying, how I do it, what ribbon I use, etc. I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick tutorial to show you how I tie a bow. I started out with a piece of bright green May Arts ribbon so you could see the tying in action. :)

Step 1: I always tie left over right for the first knot. It's important to keep the ribbon pretty tight, so I keep a finger where I'm pointing throughout the whole process.
Step 2: I form rabbit ears. It's important to still keep that first knot very tight.

Step 3: Tie the rabbit ears. Again, left over right. Notice how that first knot is still very tight.

Step 4: Pull the rabbit ears through and form your first bow. It looks pretty ugly right now but this is where the magic happens. :)
Step 5: This is the "adjusting" part. I always put my two fingers in the rabbit ears and mess with it for awhile.
Step 6: Continue adjusting. I put one finger through the top of each rabbit ear separately and pull with the opposing tail. It's important to keep your finger through the top of the "ear" as you pull because that's how you get the nice poofy ribbon loops. :)

Step 7: Voila!!! Now just trim the ends and you're good to go!
Thanks for hanging out with me for Wednesday Trends!! Feel free to leave a comment if you have questions...

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