Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Hi Friends :)

Holly here with today's Dollar Find Friday project. First off, I have to tell you I'm a bit frustrated at the moment. After taking several pictures for this project, I loaded my SD card into my computer only to find that all but one was gone. Unfortunately, I don't have the supplies to recreate the project, so I'm going to try to recreate it with words :(

With Valentine's day just around the corner (and creeping up fast!), I have a bunch of projects to get done. Not only do all my boys need something for their girls, but my hubby always sells my cards and gifties to his work mates. I'm waaaaaaaaay behind!

I found this little bucket in my stash that I purchased at the Target dollar spot some time ago. It made for the perfect container for a load of sweets!

First thing I did was wash the bucket real good and rubbed it down with alcohol. In order to get anything to stick to the metal, you need to make sure there is no residue on the metal.

I cut a piece of pink gingham material large enough to wrap around the bucket and overlap just a bit. I took redline sticky tape and lined the top edge of the bucket, just under the lip. I centered the material at the front and pressed it into the tape. As I reached the handles on each side, I snipped the material down just enough to allow the handle to move (this is pretty much covered later by the lace). When the pieces meet at the back, I attached them together.

Now, this was the tricky part for me. Since the bucket is tapered, I couldn't just pull the material down and attach as it would not match up. So I took a piece of lace that I had woven smaller contrasting lace through and wrapped it around the bottom and pulled it in a gather, tying together in the back.

From there I just decorated with a band (Bucket of Sweetness....), tons of ribbon scraps and a pretty red bow.

I filled the bottom of the bucket with scraps of material and then wrapped a big old pile of chocolates in some valentine themed cellophane.

I tell ya.. I'm glad there were a few chocolates left over because I needed them after smelling and seeing this yummy gift!



  1. Saw those little buckets at Michael's and should have picked one up. Darling container and looky at all that fabulous ribbon on the handle!!

  2. This is precious Holly!! Don't you hate technical difficulties? See you at chat tonight!


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