Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wednesdaty Trends ~ Mottled background

Hello, friends of TSG! It's me, Holly. I have a little fun technique to share with you today. I call it the mottled background. You can do this with any colors you like. I am using a pink palette here.

This is what you'll need:

Three shades of one color (the greater the variance in color, the more marbled it will end up looking). I am using Pretty in Pink, Regal Rose and Riding Hood Red today.

A piece of white cardstock large enough to fit your project

Clear embossing powder

Versamark or other clear tacky ink


Porous sponge

Heating tool

Paper towel / or piece of toilet paper

Step one: Using a sponge, apply the lightest of your inks to your card stock in a nice even coverage.

Step 2: Using a porous sponge (big holes!), tap it on your Versamark pad and randomly apply it to the card stock. You don't want to completely cover it, but get a good amount of coverage.

Step 3: Pour clear embossing powder over your piece. Tap off the excess. Heat set.

Step 4: Apply the second color (medium shade) of ink to your piece with the sponge. Apply all over.

Step 5: Using a paper towel or piece of toilet paper, white off the ink you just applied. Work your paper towel vigorously. The ink will come off the area that has been clear embossed (like the resist technique works).

Step 6: Apply the last (darkest) color ink with sponge in random spots. Do NOT cover the card stock. I just dab it in five or six small areas. Then use your paper towel to rub that around and remove it from the embossed area.

Use your piece on your project!

I've done this with blues, browns and pinks so far. The blue comes out looking like water. The brown looks like cork board! So cool :)

Hope you enjoy trying this technique! Hugs! Holly


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