Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Trends - Post It Notes!

Hi Everyone!

It's Sandra here and I today I have a very simple trick I like to use to create the look of a sponged border when I don't use my Spellbinder Nestibilities on my main panel.

Before I owned a Cuttlebug and Nesties, I used to cut my image panels into squares or rectangles with my paper cutter. So to create the sponged border around the edges of them, like the Nesties create, I used a basic office supply - POST IT NOTES!

Here's how to get that look with them...

Step 1:
Using a pencil, mark a point in each corner that's 1/8" in from each side. Then using a Post-It note, line up the sticky side with the points so that the majority of the Post-It note covers the side that you don't want the ink. If the points are further apart than your Post-It note, then just use two of them to cover the space between the points.

Step 2:
Using your sponge work in a circular motion, starting off the main panel and working your way onto it. That way you don't apply any excess ink immediately onto the panel.

Step 3:
Once you're satisfied with the amount of ink on the panel, remove the Post-It notes from your panel and....voila! One, sponged image with a clean border, just like those created by Nesties! :)

Oh! I have another tip about sponging: don't apply any red ink before you sponge. I find it tends to smudge when you sponge near it because for some reason it dries the slowest. Trust me; I know this from experience! So apply it after you've sponged.

Here's what the finished piece looks like on a card! Love that clean edge!

Another reason to love Post-It notes! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


  1. That it so clever! Thank you for the tip and the card is absolutely gorgeous, Love it!

  2. Brilliant! Now I have something to do with the 1000 post-its Mom just sent me!

  3. Brilliant tip Sandra!! I never thought of that but it's just PERFECT!

  4. Your card is simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing that tip! It really adds to your card. Great example!

  5. Aren't you clever! These are the kinds of tips I LOVE! Did you post it at Top Tip Tuesday??

  6. So fun! Here's my first attempt:


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