Friday, February 8, 2013

ABC Friday:- Candy Box

Hi everyone! I'm back with an ABC Friday project to share with you all! 

Valentines Day is next week and I needed a candy container that I could make 15 of in under an hour! Sounds impossible right?? Nope, it's absolutely doable! 

A few months back, I had this lightbulb moment when I picked up a french fry box and thought what an awesome candy container it would make. So I brought it home with me and it lay around my craft room, waiting for me to put my plan into action. Fast forward to Tuesday when I was wondering where I put that darn french fry box! (Sound familiar?!) I couldn't find it, so I popped onto Pinterest to see if I could find a template for one. BINGO! I found several! Turns out, my 'brilliant' idea, wasn't so original, but that's nothing new! lol So I downloaded this template and printed it out. To make this box, you'll need:

1x French Fry box template
1x 8.5x11 cardstock or double-sided patterned paper
adhesive glue
stamps of your choice
candy of your choice
cellophane bags

(I could be wrong, but seriously, this box is SO EASY to make that I didn't think it needed any step-by-step photos.)
Step 1: Cut out your template, then lay it on your cardstock or patterned paper and trace around it with a pencil. (Hint: If you have a Silhouette, there are a few svg files in blogland you can download, which will make this project even simpler!)

Step 2: Cut out your cardstock and score along the lines as shown on the template.

Step 3: Add adhesive to the tabs and fold up your box.  

That's all there is to it! It's CRAZY how easy this box is to make! Now you can now add whatever you like to your box to make it more decorative. I added a simple band to three sides of my box and the sentiment is from the Freeze The Moment set.
The hardest part of this whole thing might be tying the bows on the cellophane bags! lol

Thanks for stopping by today! I'll be back tomorrow with a Stampbook Saturday to share with you. :)


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