Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meet the New Trendsetters!!

I am BURSTING with joy to introduce to you our new batch of Trendsetters, some of THE most amazing designers around!! 

First, we welcome back Heather Pulvirenti!! She was a Trendsetter with us before, but has come back for another round of AWESOMENESS!!

Joining her on this FANTASTIC journey, none other than the AMAZING and TALENTED Carole Burrage!!
You can read about Carole, and any of the other new Trendsetters by clicking on their graphics!

Next up, the AMAZINGLY talented Karin  Åkesdotter !!

Long time There She Goes fan, Mary Johnson will also be joining us this term, SQUEEEE!!!

The super sweet and talented, Tangii Crain!!

One of my FAVORITE stampers, Tracy Valure...who isn't just an amazing stamper, she is an AMAZING person!!

Ms Vera Yates, a clean and simple genius will be joining us this term...SUPER excited to see what she can do as a Trendsetter!!

And last but not least, the AMAZING Wendy Price! Wendy has such great style...she will fit in PERFECTLY here!!

And if that wasn't exciting enough, we are now introducing TWO new artists with stamps releasing THIS month to our fabulous team, Megan Suarez...

and Wendy Leach!! HOW EXCITED ARE YOU??!!

All these AMAZING people will be joining our FABULOUS team, who are returning for another term:

Well, that is it for me for now! I hope you are JUST as excited about all the changes as I am! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for all of us!!


  1. I am so excited to be a new Trendsetter - can't wait to work with this seriously talented team!


  2. So excited to be joining the team! Amazed that I get to work with all these talented ladies. xo

  3. Amazing talent here!! Looking forward to the upcoming inspiration!! :D

  4. Wow!! How awesome and exciting!!!

  5. I am so excited to be joining the team with all these fabulous ladies!!

  6. What a great lineup. Congratulations Ladies!

  7. Wowie!! What a Fabulous Team!! Can't wait to see all the Gorgeousness you all create!! 8-)


  8. Very excited to see the new trendsetters... Congrats ladies can't wait to see your creations.

  9. Happy dancing in OK! So happy to be a new Trendie!

  10. Squeeeeeee!!! I get to design along side all this FABULOUS talent!! I'm sooo psyched!! :D Welcome ladies!!

  11. I knew there would be AWESOMENESS here!!! and I am so excited to see Heather BACK....yeah, she's stamping again :) woohooo! congrats to all the new gals and the old ones.

  12. much talent!! Can't wait to see everyone's creations!!


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