Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trendsetter Farewells

The current design team term is about to end on the first, and we have a few designer's that are leaving us...and we are so sad. 

We have already said goodbye to two of them: Debby Hughes and Wendy Ramlakhan.

Debby, you are a CAS simple GODDESS. We will miss your stunning creations, and amazing talent. You put together clean and simple cards like all of us DREAM we can, and you make it look so easy. Thank you so much for your time with There She Goes. We will miss you terribly!

You may have noticed that Wendy left almost three month's ago, but I just can't make myself let go....I miss her! LOL! Wendy, your ability to color is OFF the charts amazing, and your layouts are just as inspiring. Not only is she an amazing artist, but she is an amazing mother and person. She is also a cookie thief, just ask Danielle. :)

Now, for the designers that our leaving us on the 1st: Candace Pearce,

For those of you that don't know, Candace started out as a AMAZING customer, and friend to There She Goes. We noticed her enthusiasm and talent, and had to make her a part of the team. We are sad to see her go, but only because we will miss her....she has SO much ahead of her (new job, new BABY, squeeeel!!) Thanks for being a part of the There She Goes family, don't be a stranger!!

Kim Teasdale is also leaving us this term, and I can't even begin to deal with how this makes me feel. I will miss your GORGEOUS designs, and AMAZING..and I do mean A.M.A.Z.I.N.G coloring. Beyond all that,  you are an amazing person, and a great friend. I know we will see you around, but you will always have a home here. So come home when you can! :)

We are also saying goodbye to Kelly Collins and Stephanie Muzzulin. It has been a joy working with both of you for the last 6 months. You both bring something special to the team, both with your card making, and with your amazing, and fun personalities. It has been an honor working with you, and we hope to see you playing in the challenges, and hanging out with us at our release parties. You will always be Trendsetters in my eyes.

Well, that's all the sad news I can pack into one blog post. :(
Stay tuned for our big announcement on Thursday, February 28th....you won't want to miss it!


  1. Wow, that is a lot of crazy talent leaving the building :(. Their gifts will be missed.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that Kim, Candace, Wendy, Kelly, Stephanie and Debby are leaving...
    I really enjoyed looking at the cards!
    Wishing them only the best!

  3. I have loved seeing their gorgeous creations - will miss them!

  4. Oh my, I can see why you put off writing this post...they will all be missed for sure!

  5. Sniff, sniff .. it seems so final seeing it here :( Miss you guys.

  6. wow! you are saying good-bye to LOTS of talent, they will be missed!!!.....but that also means you'll have some NEW talent coming in and you always PICK the best!!! can't wait to see who will be joining the trendsetters!

  7. Sorry to see these ladies go. I've learned so much and have enjoyed their beautiful creations. Best Wishes.


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