Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Trend: Washi Tape!

Are you like me and got caught up in the whole Washi tape craze??

You probably bought your fair share of colorful rolls and then what? Are they still sitting in your drawer, unopened?? Yup, up until 6 months ago, mine was too. I have been on a mission to use mine any way I can, and I'm here to share how I've used it and some awesome new ideas I've found along the way!

In the past week, I've used it instead of panels of patterned paper...

(On The Move)

 (Buckets Of Love)

I've also used it as pops of color on scrapbook pages...


Washi tape is a REALLY EASY way of quickly adding color to a card or project! You could use it instead of RIBBON or make a BANNER or BOWS with it...heck! You can use it instead of PAPER!

And if this isn't enough to get your washi tape mojo moving, check these ideas out!!



I hope I've inspired you to get your washi tape out and using it on your next project!


  1. Amazing projects! I just got my first washi tape so now know what to do with it.

  2. I bought my first rolls of Washi tape for Valentine's Day...AND I USED THEM. WHOOP, WHOOP - for once, I didn't stash it and NOT use it. LOL

    Great inspiration - LOVE your cards!!

  3. I just bought a bunch and NEED ideas. Thanks.

  4. Love all the ideas Sandra! Thank so much for sharing.


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